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Chanel Launches Chanel Beauty, An Instagram Exclusively Dedicated To Makeup

Here’s hoping you’ve paid off that holiday credit card bill, because Chanel is #online and coming for your makeup budget.

Through a series of social media posts and paid advertisements, Chanel announced a new social media arm of the luxury retailer earlier this week. Working under the handle @Chanel.Beauty, the account will be “dedicated to makeup,” a clever way to get those classic tubes of Chanel rouge back into your stream of consciousness.

Chanel Beauty, which will operate under the vision of Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer Lucia Pica, outlines their content umbrella as “daily inspiration, tips, colourful talks, cult products and decoded looks.”


The launch tails the announcement of a new French campaign, “En 2018 Osez” (“In 2018 Dare”). The most striking ad in the set features the phrase “Arrêtez-Vous Au Rouge,” (“Stop At Red”) paired with a photo of Chanel’s Rouge Allure lipstick.

And who could possibly forget the stunning, “Oh, I Just Got Caught In The Rain, How Glamorous!” makeup looks from Chanel’s SS18 show?



Emblazoned with the tagline “Create Yourself,” we hope this new focus on beauty will fall in line with Chanel’s timeless branding everywhere else. Chanel would do well to go after a younger, Instagram mood board-obsessed generation enamored by the luxury but perhaps too broke to afford the higher-end items.

(For now. Yes, I’m talking about myself, the endless sucker for red lipstick. It’s really you on my mind, etc. etc.)

1992 Vintage Chanel Ad - Courtesy of Chanel Beauty

1992 Chanel lipstick ad. Courtesy of Chanel.

To follow Chanel Beauty and keep track of what they’re up to, click here.


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