Need A Disposable Camera App? This One’s Legit

Ah, disposables. Long before the information overload we live in today, content took time to produce — you had to finish an entire roll of film, drive to Walgreens and pay to develop your precious memories. Luckily, it’s 2017…and there’s an app for that. A disposable camera app, to be specific, and not just one that applies a filter and calls it a day.

Disposable Camera App Gudak Cam Test Shot

The Gudak Cam app is only 99 cents on the App Store, and well worth the micro-splurge. Gudak’s interface is modeled after a Kodak disposable, and the actually amazing photo filters include a timestamp and everything.

Unlike a ton of other apps on the market, the filters don’t look awkward or cheesy. Random light leaks add similar character to what you’d find with a real roll of disposable film, and the edges of the photos are just distorted enough to make the images look legit.

Of course, it couldn’t be a real disposable camera app without the most classic element of any disposable: the surprise. With no preview available except a tiny viewfinder, Gudak Cam feels like the real deal.

Oh, and did we mention? Once you run out your roll, you actually have to wait three days for your pictures to develop. So, just like in the old days, you’re left wondering what your pictures will look like.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and need to step up your Instagram game, we can’t recommend Gudak Cam enough.

Check out some photos we took with the app:

Disposable Camera App Gudak Cam test shot

Disposable Camera App Gudak Cam Test Shot

Disposable Camera App Gudak Cam Test Shot

Disposable Camera App Gudak Cam Test Shot

What do you think? Would you pay 99 cents for a disposable camera app this legit?

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