4 Digital Jobs For Creative People

4 Digital Jobs For Creative People

So you’re good at the Internet. Now what?

For the right-brained digital natives of the world, finding a steady gig that’s both well-paid and fulfilling can be difficult. Luckily, there are a wealth of digital jobs for creative people that are financially sound, constantly changing and still allow you to express yourself. The trick is positioning yourself well enough to land them.

To help, I’ve compiled 4 jobs for creative people that will keep you on your toes and still allow you to make a healthy living. Whether you explore them full-time or as a side-hustle, I’m confident these creative jobs will at least give you the opportunity to create work you’re proud of.

4 Digital (And Well Paid!) Jobs For Creative People

1. Video Producer

Video marketing is taking over the world.

As major media companies like MTV and ESPN dump writers in favor of “pivoting to video,” it’s highly recommended that you pick up basic video skills before it’s too late. Luckily, if you’re a good writer already, there shouldn’t be much of a learning curve transitioning your blog articles into video scripts.

If you’re not comfortable speaking or appearing on camera, that’s fine — many video articles don’t have any voiceover at all. Clever text and transitions make up for a lack of anchors, and 85 percent of viewers watch video without sound, anyway.

If you want to explore video production as a full-time creative job, my biggest advice would be to start making videos as soon as you can. Whether they’re lookbooks, mock ad campaigns or news articles repurposed into video, the sooner you start creating and pitching the faster you’ll see results.

2. Digital Strategist

Hey! It me.

My day job is that of a digital strategist, which means I handle all aspects of a company’s online presence. Since the company I work for is a B2B company (selling to other corporations), my work primarily involves content creation, lead generation and online ads. Of all the jobs for creative people, this is probably the most profitable and easy to find.

While it can be a little stressful wearing so many hats at once, marketing yourself as a “digital strategist” is a great way to showcase your versatility. If you’re good at the internet, chances are you’d make a great digital strategist. It’s kind of like being a full-stack marketer, and it gives you a chance to be creative while still positioning yourself as a profitable asset to any company.

There is, however, a bit of a learning curve. Skills in SEO, social media management and online advertising don’t come naturally, even if you made some bomb MySpace layouts back in the day. If you’re still in university (or, in many places, if you have a public library card) I highly recommend exploring Lynda for courses in search engine optimization, Google AdWords and PPC advertising.

The awesome thing about learning digital strategy is that it benefits your own entrepreneurship, too. If you have a great idea for a product or service, knowing how to advertise it online and build an engaging brand will help you a great deal throughout the launch process.

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3. Freelance Writer

Believe it or not, there’s still a great deal of money to be made in blogging.

While writing about fashion trends or celebrity gossip may not dole out the big bucks, picking up side work in technical writing has been my go-to side hustle for years now. Writing for marketing blogs helped me support myself in college when my class schedule didn’t work with a part-time job.

With years of experience and a healthy portfolio, I now charge around $200 per post for most marketing blogs. When you consider that a full blog post only takes around a day to write, edit and optimize, it’s not a bad gig.

Tip: Make sure you understand keyword research. Sure, your blog post might be well-written and engaging, but if it’s not optimized to rank on Google it’s not going to provide a lot of value for the company you’re writing for. When you pitch (especially if your rates are higher), provide examples of the long-tail keywords you’re targeting and demonstrate your proficiency in SEO-optimized writing. This shows your editor that you’re worth the cost.

If you need help, check out these small business SEO basics.

4. Content Creator

Though “content creation” has become a bit of an overused buzzword lately, the sheer number of Instagram influencers shows that it’s not disappearing anytime soon. Fashion bloggers, recipe creators and even slime accounts are all examples of content creators online, and their sponsorship and affiliate deals often rake in a healthy income.

The most important thing to a content creator’s bottom line is positioning. When you see a blogger doing a partnership with a huge brand, it’s typically unlikely that the company reached out to them. That creator probably spends hours every week pitching companies that advertise to their target market, positioning themselves as an influencer and, yes, someone with a lot of clout.

Pretty Decent’s Instagram following is primarily women aged 18-24 in areas like New York, Chicago and Orlando (since that’s where I’m currently based). Understanding my following helps me market Pretty Decent’s influence to creative directors who might otherwise have no idea what Pretty Decent is.

Of all the jobs for creative people online, content creators are certainly the most independent. Since your page and website will probably revolve around your brand, content creation gives you the freedom to explore your own interests and aesthetics. Just make sure there’s a common theme and you understand your target market.

The Most Important Element Of Creative Jobs

Ultimately, the most important element in any creative field is consistent production. You’re not a blogger if you don’t blog. If you’re a graphic designer, make graphic designs. If you’re a makeup vlogger, make makeup videos. The more you put out into the internet (and the smarter you are about releasing it), the more people will invest their time, energy and money into your work.

Pretty Decent is designed to help you make money and feel like yourself. If there’s a topic you’re struggling with and would like to learn more about, feel free to drop a comment below or shoot over an email.