“A Happy Ending” – A Summer Apple Music Playlist

“A Happy Ending” – A Summer Apple Music Playlist

Each song on Hospey’s Apple Music playlist plays a part in telling a story about summer. You tell us what it all means.

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If my life were a movie, I’d want it to start the way that Jeremih’s Paradise sounds and end with a choir as triumphant as only Kirk Franklin can deliver.

This Apple Music playlist tells a story about summer. The actual playlist is much longer than what’s listed below, but these reference points help tell the story as it gets deeper.


Summer. The kid wakes up, it’s the morning after a great party. “It gets better,” Jeremih sings, as does summer – at least for those first few weeks of freedom. He’s in a new city, and living what feels like an entirely new life. Isn’t that always how summer feels? There’s a girl. She’s not his girl, but she’s there. He likes being around her, but it’s nothing serious. Yet.

The club. She’s been bored with her situation, but she likes being around him too. She likes how he lives, the freedoms he exercises. They know they’re better together and they’re starting to feel it, but it doesn’t matter – they both know at the end of the day they’ll always be reckless, free spirits.

Smoke break. They step outside — it’s that time in the night when they need a smoke. The talks get a little deep. It’s okay though. They go in for one more dance and as they do, they both feel themselves letting go as the weight of their intoxications kick in.

Bad trip. The high has fully set in now, and he can’t handle it. Dark parts of his past start to arise and his thoughts ricochet in his mind. He breaks down and tells her everything that’s on his mind. He’s on the brink of pulling his hair out. His depression gets deeper.

Crash. He snaps out of it.

Come down. You know that part of the high where you transition from being too high, to just high enough? Time passes, and they keep getting together, but they fight the signs and try to keep it ‘casual.’ At this point, that’s all it is. She plays it off, pretending to offer up some of her friends to him. He spits game back.

Bliss. She tries to stay in character, but can’t shake the idea that maybe they could try it out. She confesses everything. He reciprocates. They connect again, but this time the vibe is much different – you can feel the energy radiating.

Late night text. You know the one. He slips up. He half-confesses, but also claims that she made him that way. She doesn’t buy it.

Drugs. Again. It’s the cuffing off-season after all, who needs a companion? They’re everywhere, doing everything. Taking in the sun, relaxing. It starts to get a little old (as summer always does).

Slowing down. It feels like the end of a road-trip. They have time to think, but they’re stubborn so it doesn’t matter too much. The people around them don’t give them the same satisfaction. Every song reminds them of each other. (Side note: This is the greatest road trip song of our generation.)

Whoops. He cracks and calls her…just to see how she’s doing, of course. It’s bliss for them both. They speak for a long time.

OTW. Shit. They link and move to the backseat — YAKWTFGO when that Drake & Ty Dolla comes on. They spend the night in the car.

6am. The sun rises, as it always does. Introspection seeps in as they lay together quietly. They both know this was a one-time thing; it really is over now. He’ll forget this first love. It’ll only keep fading and fleeting.

It’s time. They say their goodbyes. He’s already numb, but it kills her inside. She plays it back over and over in her head again — questioning her thoughts, all the things she could have said, the life she longs for. Rumination is dangerous, and she gets in almost as deep as did before. She’s exhausted.

Daydreaming. She plays their whole story back in her head, right from the beginning. Her smile signals her forgiveness – to herself and to him. What they had was good, but it ended – just as summer always does. She’s not happy, but she’s level. It’s life – and in life, love and loss are the only things all humans share. The memories strengthen her and build her up. She never looks back.

He reflects. His soul has been unstable for too long, and he knows it’s time for a change. As he sits alone, he prays and says thank you to something up there. If God is a lady, he thanks Her for refusing to leave his side. She talks back.

The end. The credits roll, the audience applauds, as they pull out their phones and furiously tweet: “Black panther? What’s that? The greatest black-directed movie of all time has arrived.” The sunlight blinds them as they exit the Sunday matinee.

“Liv tonight?”

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